About Us


The Start of The Pretty Pony Boutique

It all started with the birth of my beautiful daughter, Carson. I have always been a creative & crafty person, but when my daughter came my craftiness went crazy! I have made almost all the headbands she wears & continuely get compliments from people on how unique & pretty they are and that I should consider selling them. Being a busy stay-at-home mom & working full time as a Realtor plus all the extra things life throws at you, I didn't think I would have the time nor the energy to actually start a boutique. Thankfully, I have the most amazing & supportive husband that helps me in achieving my dreams! After finally building up the courage to open a boutique, I decided to also a fulfill a lifelong dream of selling glamorous accessories for women at an affordable price! I have always had a passion for fashion & all things sparkly & stylish, so why not bring my two favorite things into one boutique! My goal on this journey is to make every woman & baby even more beautiful than they already are! I sincerely hope you enjoy all my beautiful products & that they bring a little sparkle to your day!



What's In a Name?

 Some people may be wondering why the necklaces have female names... well like the beautiful ponies my family has owned & rode for many years, each necklace I feel has it's own personality & deserves it's own name & not a product number. Each necklace is named for a woman or girl in my life that I cherish, and I could not be where I am today without these fabulous females!